Time for a school refurbishment?

The recent school funding announcement in the 2018 Budget may been seen as derisory by many headteachers, but how can you turn £10,000 for primary schools or £50,000 for secondary schools into a real investment that will benefit your staff and pupils and improve the learning environment?

On Monday, Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced that schools will share a £400 million one-off capital payment to pay for “the little extras they need”. The comment drew anger and ridicule on many social media platforms with the NAHT headteachers’ union saying that the announcement would “infuriate school leaders”, adding that the Budget had “more money proposed for potholes than for pupils”.

Of course £10,000 / £50,000 is hardly a windfall for many schools who are struggling with understaffing, a lack of basic teaching resources and old furniture or rooms badly in need of refurbishment. When you are in a position to spend money, you need to know you’re getting value and quality from your purchase and turn it into an investment in your school’s future.

So maybe now’s the time to sort that room you know’s been looking tired and worn out for a while, replace the storage or display units in your school to improve access to resources or maybe look to refurbish your toilets or cloakroom area.

You might be surprised to learn about some of the services we offer at Ambic – while we are primarily furniture manufacturers, we also offer a full school refurbishment service and that includes just about any area of your school.

  • Classrooms

  • Staffrooms

  • Libraries

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Dining / Kitchens

  • Outdoor Shelters

  • Laboratories

  • IT Suites

  • Reception areas

  • Cloakroom / Washrooms

  • Art / Wet Rooms

  • Doorsets

After having used Ambic for some time we had not known that they design and fit suspended ceilings. We are delighted with their speedy and flexible service and we are very proud of our new school entrance.

Red Rose Primary School

We can arrange to come out and see you and take a look at any area of your school that you feel needs some improvement, discuss some innovative solutions (we’ve got loads of great ideas!) and turn that worn out area into a part of your school you can be truly proud of.

What all our many repeat customers agree on, is that our furniture has great longevity and carries on looking fantastic for a very long time. So that means when you make an investment in refurbishing part of your school, you know that you’re getting the best possible value for money. Unlike catalogue furniture, ours is manufactured to the bespoke requirements of each order – so that means if you need your furniture in an unusual size to fit into an existing installation or to fill an unused space within a room, it’s no problem. But most importantly to schools with limited finances, our furniture is built to last and withstand the rigours of heavy use within the typical classroom – so you won’t find yourself having to replace furniture again within a few years.