Ambic Customer Survey

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our short questionnaire on buying educational furniture.

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How do you usually order your school furniture?

Do you usually buy from more than one supplier/manufacturer?

Do you usually tender/ get quotes for your furniture purchases?

Which of these influences your choice of purchase most? - Please rate from 1 (least important) to 5 (most important)

Cost (1 least important to 5 most important)

Quality (1 least important to 5 most important)

Design (1 least important to 5 most important)

Time taken to manufacture / deliver (1 least important to 5 most important)

If you required Fitted furniture would a discount encourage you to undertake it during term time instead of during school holidays?

How did you find out about Ambic Educational?

Is it important that your furniture is fully assembled by the manufacturer and ready to use immediately?

If no, why not?

Are there any particular furniture items that you require for your school that you cannot find?

If yes, please specify:

Which of these would you be interested in receiving offers/information about? (Tick as many as you require):

Which areas in school will require fitted or loose furniture in the next twelve months? (Tick as many as you require):