Quirky & Unique

Quirky & Unique 2018-02-14T20:20:40+00:00

We are the guys to call if you want a truly SPECIAL one off or short run, or something really quirky! You may have an idea for a unique piece of furniture, structure or new product but need some help to design it, or you may have a great design but need help to produce a prototype.

We have an array of manufacturing capabilities and engineering experience and have helped out many of our clients who cannot find exactly what they are looking for. But most impressively our genuine enthusiasm and our ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are what clients tell us they love most about us! We’re ‘down to earth’, ‘not afraid to get our hands dirty’ type of guys who love a challenge – let us at it!


Why not send us a quick message with your ideas and we’ll get in touch for some friendly no-obligation advice.

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