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Hille SE Ergonomic Chair

The SE chair design is the result of two years research and development at Birmingham City University where seating posture has become a specialism. The SE is a true posture chair: the configuration of the back and seat components is designed to limit backward rotation of the pelvis in both the sitting forward position (active desk work) and sitting back (listening and observing mode). This helps to reduce the effect of opposing forces that act upon the lower spine in the seated position, now known to be the cause of lower back discomfort and pain. The SE provides superior thoracic, lumbar and pelvic support, thus cradling the whole of the back, and this enhances the possibility of higher and more prolonged levels of concentration and effort. Please note: Minimum order quantity of 6 chairs.

Hille Series E Chair

The classic polypropylene classroom chair designed by Robin Day for Hille offers a durable and cost effective seating solution in the most testing environments. Frames are constructed of high quality steel and are painted with leatherite paint for the ultimate durability. Only the highest grade of polypropylene is used in the manufacturing of these shells and a range of colours are available in both standard and flame retardant versions. Please note: Minimum order quantity of 6 chairs.  

Postura+ Chairs – Secondary Range

Postura┬« is the ideal way to introduce ergonomic seating into the classroom. The innovative design provides excellent stability helping to prevent rocking and tipping. Studies show that students between the ages of 13-18 years spend 78% of their time sitting down, that is why Postura┬« is the ideal classroom seating solution. Moulded from impact resistant polypropylene, the Postura┬« chair has increased leg strength, is stain resistant, anti-static to reduce dust adhesion and comes with a 10 year warranty. Please note: Minimum order quantity of 6 chairs.