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Double Whiteboard Step

This double whiteboard step greatly improves whiteboard access whilst providing a valuable bench seating facility suitable for classrooms in primary schools or nurseries. Its compact space-saving design allows the lower retractable step, when closed, to be flush within the unit. The treads incorporate non-slip carpeted surfaces for increased safety.  

Double Whiteboard Step with Tray Storage

The ultimate in whiteboard steps is this five-bay Gratnells deep trays (F2) and double step unit. This space saving furniture is designed for the storage of shoes, kit or resources whilst offering functionality and ease of use. The retractable lower step creates a compact unit ideal for use where space is at a premium.  

Single Whiteboard Step

Our single whiteboard step greatly improves access to your whiteboard whilst doubling as a valuable bench-seating facility in your classroom or nursery, suitable forĀ  Primary school children. With a carpeted non-slip surface and superior strength and durability from its 18mm faced MDF construction, our furniture is designed to optimise your safety. All of our steps come in a variety of colours and finishes.  

Single Whiteboard Step with Tray Storage

For increased storage of shoes and kit bags or for housing five Gratnells deep trays (F2), our stable bench seat and whiteboard step is the perfect addition to your classroom or PE changing environment in nurseries or primary schools.