Why bespoke furniture beats the catalogue for choice

Most schools don’t have perfect, geometrically shaped rooms – it’s just a fact. If your school wasn’t purpose made as

Early Years Classroom Furniture

The Early Years Classroom has probably the biggest impact on a child’s ability and willingness to learn, and the layout,

Back to School Survey and Advice

As schools gear up to phased return this month, staff will be busy making plans to minimise the risk to

Feng Shui in the Classroom

Feng Shui principles in the classroom can promote learning and create a stress-free working environment all by careful consideration of

The FF&E Specialists

Our expertise in the area of FF&E (Furniture Fittings and Equipment) is an integral part of our manufacturing business

Libraries – The Heart of the School

Many consider the school library to be the heart of the school, and it's easy to see why. A place

Multi-Billion Cash Boost for Schools

In August 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged an additional £14 Billion cash boost for schools over the next 3

Super Lab – Newcastle University

Newcastle University Medical School recently approached Ambic with a unique challenge. In their Leech Building, they previously had two separate laboratories with a