Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-02-14T20:20:40+00:00

Have some questions about Ambic Educational furniture? Here are some FAQs but if you can’t find the answer please contact us on 0191 389 1888 – we love to chat!

Where is Ambic furniture manufactured? 2018-04-09T09:12:49+00:00

All of our furniture is manufactured at our own UK factory where we have full control over design, manufacture & production – this means that you can have the furniture you really want rather than just choosing from mass-produced products.

Why should I buy bespoke furniture and not from a catalogue of stock furniture? 2018-04-09T09:13:03+00:00

Fitted furniture that is well designed and installed can really maximise space and provide a well ordered and pleasant working environment.

As our furniture is made to order, it is no problem blending new furniture with existing classroom furniture. Instead of trying to source ready made furniture that’s not quite the right size or shape, we fit and manufacture your furniture around you and your workspace rather than you fitting yourself around the constraints of someone else’s designs.

All of our fittings and fixtures are proven to be durable and safe which, coupled with our intelligent design solutions, enables ease of cleaning and maintenance. Large storage units and smooth drawers hide readily accessed material whilst cupboards, desks and workbenches can be fitted around existing pipework and wall recesses to provide clean and sleek surfaces.

We are particularly good at making the most of limited space and designing innovative storage solutions.


How strong is Ambic furniture? 2018-03-22T12:05:45+00:00

Our furniture will not twist and wobble because at Ambic we understand the importance of engineering to effective furniture design. We don’t make gimmicks that fall apart after twelve months. We make quality furniture that will still be state of the art after years and years of continuous service. Here’s why…

  • We use medium density fibreboard (MDF) because it’s strong, rigid & durable
  • The density of MDF is perfect for precision-engineered, CNC (computer numerically controlled manipulation). Provides very fine and accurate shaped cuts, rebates and drilling work
  • All joints are drilled to receive wooden dowel studs which offer ‘locational’ strength
  • Cam studs are screwed into joint surfaces to precisely align with cam receptors
  • Metal cam receptors sunk within MDF allow ‘joint locking’ whilst providing a flush surface finish
  • Vertical dividers are glued, cammed and dowelled providing further rigidity
  • Dry clear wood glue strengthens each joint so movement cannot occur
  • All joints are rebated which minimises movement and provides a ‘tight’ joint
  • Rebated and glued solid backs to our furniture provided as standard enhance furniture strength
  • Edges are profiled, sealed and gloss-lacquered twice for a durable, impact resistant finish
  • Durability and strength is controlled by employment of our own team of proud, experienced craftsmen-our furniture will not twist or buckle. We engineer our furniture to maximise its strength and durability
  • All of Ambic’s metalwork components are electrostatically charged then powder coated prior to being baked within our kilns. The fine paint particles react and harden to form a smooth paint finish that precisely follows the contours of the metalwork. The metalwork of your furniture will be smooth, clean and extremely hard-wearing. We have a fantastic range of colours for you to choose from!
  • Furniture is delivered fully assembled, ready for immediate use and quality checked
What is your delivery policy? 2018-03-22T12:08:19+00:00

Delivery Charges

Delivery for orders over £500 (excl. VAT) is free, for orders under £500 our standard delivery charge is £25.00 per order The cost of your delivery will be shown during checkout and before you place your order with us.

Delivery Locations

We deliver to mainland UK as standard, deliveries outside of this will be quoted on a order by order basis. If you would like a quote for delivery outside of mainland UK please contact our sales team.


Ambic Ltd deliver many of our orders using our own fleet of vehicles, however we also have partnerships with leading courier companies and depending on what you order and where you are, we might use one or more of these to deliver your order. All deliveries are made to ground floor and if we are using a third party carrier, then delivery is usually palletised and will be kerbside delivery only.

Delivery Time

If you have ordered furniture we will contact you to arrange a convenient day for delivery which will be based on the estimated lead-time for the products you have ordered. If you have ordered products on more than one lead-time then the longest lead-time will apply to your order.

Generally, we estimate a lead-time of 2 to 3 weeks for most products.

Do you offer an installation service? 2015-11-04T19:45:36+00:00

Yes, we offer a complete turnaround service from design and manufacture to full installation. Our professional fitting teams are multi-disciplined enabling them to complete work in a fraction of the time of our competitors .

We are highly skilled in current and traditional plumbing and fitting procedures which minimise disruption in your school and reduces the number of Ambic staff required on site to complete your job quickly and efficiently.

Does your furniture require assembly? 2015-11-04T19:45:42+00:00

No, we don’t do flat pack – our furniture is fully assembled by our skilled craftsmen & delivered ready for immediate use.

How long after placing an order will I receive the furniture? 2015-11-04T19:45:49+00:00

For furniture that is made-to-order, we provide an impressively fast turnaround time, usually 2-3 weeks from order to delivery to your premises.

I have an urgent order, can you meet a shorter deadline? 2015-11-04T19:45:58+00:00

Yes, because we control production we can, if necessary, accommodate unusually urgent work.

What sort of advice can Ambic offer regarding our school furniture? 2018-02-14T20:20:42+00:00

One of our greatest strengths at Ambic is seeing potential in unused or little used or ‘wasted’ space. With good design and installation we can revolutionise the way space is used by creating solutions that you probably would never have thought possible! Often we can turn a little used storage room into a versatile small-group or resource room by tapping into our expert knowledge of furniture construction, current regulations and the specialist needs of your children.

We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a safe and comfortable working environment. Creating a relaxed and peaceful staffroom retreat, for instance, is essential to maintain a motivated and focused team. We always analyse the requirements of each staff room and how to best optimise the space available. We consider that often a large open seating plan is required, along with a kitchen/refreshment area, storage and post units and quite possibly a PPA or a tabled conference area. We can provide conference and meeting spaces that are conducive to debate and constructive decision-making. We deliver seclusion, order and functionality within staff space to optimise concentration and enable a focus on innovative planning.

Contact us on 0191 389 1888, we’d love to discuss your latest project, even if it’s only an idea at the moment.

Why haven’t I heard of Ambic? 2015-11-04T19:46:10+00:00

We have a very loyal customer base, mainly in the North East of England – our customers return to us time and time again and our reputation has grown by word of mouth. We believe in investing in our manufacturing capability and the quality of our products rather than advertising.

Can you fabricate specialist material such as solid grade laminate? 2018-02-14T20:20:42+00:00

Approved Fabricators of Solid Grade Laminates

We are approved fabricators of Solid Grade Laminates, such as Trespa. This means that we can design, fabricate & fit out washrooms, toilet cubicles, laboratory & kitchen furniture benches & worktops. We even use solid grade laminates for some of our cloakroom furniture.

Advantages of solid grade laminates

Solid grade laminate is particularly suitable for worktops, having outstanding properties such as high resistance to chemical acids and alkali’s, impact and moisture resistance make this material a practical solution for applications, from laboratory to washroom worktops.

In addition it’s dense closed surface and impervious edges, permit use in the environments where hygiene, ease of cleaning and disinfection are of prime importance making it a particularly suitable material for kitchen worktops & toilet cubicles.

Solid Grade Features

  • High resistance to wear, impact and scratches
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Fire retardant to a high degree of where required
  • Attractive surface finish
  • Easy to clean
  • No edge or surface protection required
  • Will not support fungal growth
  • Not contaminable by radiation
  • Approved for use with foodstuffs
  • Anti-static