Autumn arrives at last!

I recently read that Autumn is the season most people prefer. Certainly it is one of our most beautiful seasons with glorious crisp sunny days, gorgeous sunrises, roaring fires, conkers, cosy nights in, scarves, boots (my favourite!) twinkle lights (I could go on and on) but most importantly for us, a bit of ‘breathing’ space.

At Ambic Summer is always our busiest time, especially with school installations but with the arrival of September the pace slows down just a little! This gives us time to think about which new products we can manufacture for our clients. Because we have our own factory with a full range of manufacturing capabilities the hardest question to answer for us is ‘what shall we make?’


Of course we have our own idea’s and our products are constantly evolving but we have always listened to our customers, it is one of the things we do best and is actually one of the reasons our company has succeeded.

So we need your help! We want to make furniture that really works for you, your pupils and your school. There is a lot of furniture out there but is is really what your school needs? You could need an ‘adaptation’ of something that is already available or perhaps you want something that we wouldn’t have ever have thought of, something that could really help your fellow colleagues or pupils.

We would love to hear from you. Send your idea’s or comments to Frances