How strong is Ambic furniture?

Our furniture will not twist and wobble because at Ambic we understand the importance of engineering to effective furniture design. We don’t make gimmicks that fall apart after twelve months. We make quality furniture that will still be state of the art after years and years of continuous service. Here’s why... We use medium density [...]

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Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, we offer a complete turnaround service from design and manufacture to full installation. Our professional fitting teams are multi-disciplined enabling them to complete work in a fraction of the time of our competitors . We are highly skilled in current and traditional plumbing and fitting procedures which minimise disruption in your school and reduces the number [...]

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What sort of advice can Ambic offer regarding our school furniture?

One of our greatest strengths at Ambic is seeing potential in unused or little used or ‘wasted’ space. With good design and installation we can revolutionise the way space is used by creating solutions that you probably would never have thought possible! Often we can turn a little used storage room into a versatile small-group [...]

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Why haven’t I heard of Ambic?

We have a very loyal customer base, mainly in the North East of England - our customers return to us time and time again and our reputation has grown by word of mouth. We believe in investing in our manufacturing capability and the quality of our products rather than advertising.

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Can you fabricate specialist material such as solid grade laminate?

Approved Fabricators of Solid Grade Laminates We are approved fabricators of Solid Grade Laminates, such as Trespa. This means that we can design, fabricate & fit out washrooms, toilet cubicles, laboratory & kitchen furniture benches & worktops. We even use solid grade laminates for some of our cloakroom furniture. Advantages of [...]

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