How strong is Ambic furniture?

Our furniture will not twist and wobble because at Ambic we understand the importance of engineering to effective furniture design. We don’t make gimmicks that fall apart after twelve months. We make quality furniture that will still be state of the art after years and years of continuous service. Here’s why…

  • We use medium density fibreboard (MDF) because it’s strong, rigid & durable
  • The density of MDF is perfect for precision-engineered, CNC (computer numerically controlled manipulation). Provides very fine and accurate shaped cuts, rebates and drilling work
  • All joints are drilled to receive wooden dowel studs which offer ‘locational’ strength
  • Cam studs are screwed into joint surfaces to precisely align with cam receptors
  • Metal cam receptors sunk within MDF allow ‘joint locking’ whilst providing a flush surface finish
  • Vertical dividers are glued, cammed and dowelled providing further rigidity
  • Dry clear wood glue strengthens each joint so movement cannot occur
  • All joints are rebated which minimises movement and provides a ‘tight’ joint
  • Rebated and glued solid backs to our furniture provided as standard enhance furniture strength
  • Edges are profiled, sealed and gloss-lacquered twice for a durable, impact resistant finish
  • Durability and strength is controlled by employment of our own team of proud, experienced craftsmen-our furniture will not twist or buckle. We engineer our furniture to maximise its strength and durability
  • All of Ambic’s metalwork components are electrostatically charged then powder coated prior to being baked within our kilns. The fine paint particles react and harden to form a smooth paint finish that precisely follows the contours of the metalwork. The metalwork of your furniture will be smooth, clean and extremely hard-wearing. We have a fantastic range of colours for you to choose from!
  • Furniture is delivered fully assembled, ready for immediate use and quality checked