What sort of advice can Ambic offer regarding our school furniture?

One of our greatest strengths at Ambic is seeing potential in unused or little used or ‘wasted’ space. With good design and installation we can revolutionise the way space is used by creating solutions that you probably would never have thought possible! Often we can turn a little used storage room into a versatile small-group or resource room by tapping into our expert knowledge of furniture construction, current regulations and the specialist needs of your children.

We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a safe and comfortable working environment. Creating a relaxed and peaceful staffroom retreat, for instance, is essential to maintain a motivated and focused team. We always analyse the requirements of each staff room and how to best optimise the space available. We consider that often a large open seating plan is required, along with a kitchen/refreshment area, storage and post units and quite possibly a PPA or a tabled conference area. We can provide conference and meeting spaces that are conducive to debate and constructive decision-making. We deliver seclusion, order and functionality within staff space to optimise concentration and enable a focus on innovative planning.

Contact us on 0191 389 1888, we’d love to discuss your latest project, even if it’s only an idea at the moment.