It’s too easy for classrooms to become cramped and overcrowded. Our functional furniture is engineered to withstand relentless wear and tear on a daily basis. Our loose and fitted furniture is designed to your individual requirements to make the best use of space, providing practical and safe solutions for you and your pupils. Paul Ashton, Headteacher at Shiney Row Primary School said;
“Ambic are a great company to work with. They work in true partnership with the school to provide the best possible solutions. The quality of their work is very high and staff at Ambic are genuinely interested in improving the learning environment so that children and staff benefit.”
We understand that at home, a cupboard door may be opened and closed tens of times a day, whereas in school it needs to withstand being opened, closed and bashed hundreds of times, every day. Our furniture exceeds this expectation as some of our schools still use our furniture twenty years after being originally purchased!